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Our trainings are designed to facilitate early identification and effective intervention for eating disorders and tailored specifically for sport and performance professionals and organizations.

Gain valuable information, adapted to your field of intervention, which will enable you to be a key player in championing health and wellness at the highest level of performance.

Managing eating disorders in a sport & performance environment


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This specialized training tailored to the needs of mental performance consultants, will help you better understand eating disorders, the risk factors for athletes, as well as learn to identify the signs and symptoms of eating disorders. You will be better equipped to intervene with a client and you will learn how to work hand in hand with the psychologist to optimize your collaboration.



  1. Understand eating disorders, their causes and their theoretical models.
  2. Recognize the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder in an athlete.
  3. Learn when and how to intervene effectively, and which professional will be best suited for the initial intervention.
"The training is extremely well designed. It allowed me to deepen my theoretical knowledge while offering me multiple practical tools to apply with this clientele. This training surpassed my expectations and I now feel much more confident in my practice."
Judith Perrault
Dietitian-Nutritionist, M.Sc.
"Jodie's specialty knowledge and clinical skills make supervision with her a very rich experience. I have worked and been supervised by her for many years, and have benefited greatly from her warm, attentive approach and her clinical expertise in the field of eating disorders. Her passion for her field and her care and drive to provide her clients the best care possible shine through."
Dr. Maeve O’Leary-Barrett
Clinical Psychologist
"Working with athletes with eating disorders is an art! Far beyond the knowledge, their training is really what has taken my practice to another level. Alexia and Jodie’s years of experience allow us to notice the subtleties that make all the difference. You gain a lot of confidence through validating your ways of working and through learning new strategies to try. A must-have!”
Marie-Hélène Bourbonnais
Dietitian-Nutritionist, M.Sc.


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