Treatment of eating disorders in athletes: For physicians (upon request for your clinic)

Gain expertise in the special considerations of eating disorder treatment, when working with athletes or athletic individuals.


This 3-hour training, designed for physicians working with athletes, performing artists and athletic patients, will allow you to better conceptualize eating disorders, feel better equipped for early detection and feel more confident to initiate the first intervention. This training will also allow you to better understand the intervention tools used by each member of the treatment team and learn how to effectively manage exercise and training in the sport setting.


  1. Understand the cognitive-behavioural model of eating disorders.
  2. Define treatment strategies used in psychology and nutrition and understand how they are adapted to the reality of athletes/active individuals.
  3. Learn how to integrate certain nutritional or psychological tools and concepts into your medical practice.
  4. Be able to detect eating disorders in this population more rapidly and practice intervention strategies to get the athletes engaged in a treatment plan.
  5. Understand how to effectively manage exercise and training in treatment (following the "Safe Exercise at Every Stage protocol").


250$+tx (early bird), 295$+tx (regular fee) *student prices upon request

Hosted by

  • Jodie Richardson PhD, clinical psychologist
  • Alexia de Macar PhD, registered dietitian

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your registration, a refund can be issued up to 30 days prior to the training date (Eventbrite's service fee must be paid by the participant).


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