Being the parent of an athlete

Being the parent of a child athlete or performing artist can be challenging. You want to support their ambitions in their sport or discipline while ensuring that they maintain a healthy development. Due to the emphasis placed on the body in sports and performing arts, especially at higher levels and in certain disciplines, athletes can be at greater risk of developing issues around their body image and eating disorders.

Our workbooks

As parents we know that you do not necessarily have an education in optimal eating habits for athletes or how to manage body image issues. So we have put together a workbook to help you navigate these important areas of an athlete’s life. Our workbook is specifically designed to help parents understand their unique role when it comes to helping their child optimally fuel themselves, develop confidence in their body and protect themselves from disordered eating behaviours and attitudes.

Our online course

Online course for parents coming soon

"Through Jodie's mentorship, I am learning about the intricacies of an athlete's world. Given the supportive and stimulating space that Jodie creates, I feel safe to be curious and reflective, increasing my confidence and strength in working with this population."
Dr. Alissa Rubinfeld • Clinical Psychologist


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