Support. Educate. Empower.

We work with key players in sports and performing arts to ensure a safe space for athletes - body and mind.

Championing a healthy body culture

We support, educate and empower health professionals to treat athletes with eating disorders, sports professionals to manage eating disorder symptoms in athletes, coaches & teachers to be positive role models for eating and body image and sports & artistic organizations to foster an environment that empowers optimal fueling and body confidence.


Our trainings are designed to facilitate prevention, early identification and effective intervention for body preoccupations and eating disorders at all levels of care and are tailored to the sports and performance environment.

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As sports or artistic organizations you are currently working with an at-risk population for eating disorders. You can play a crucial role in combating this problem, through preventative efforts, early identification, and the safe management of eating disorders. We have the skills and competencies to ensure that your organization is set up to provide a safe & empowering space for athletes, body and mind, at every level of performance.

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Due to the emphasis placed on the body in sports and performing arts athletes can be at greater risk of developing issues around their body image and eating. At Dare to Fuel Performance we know that parents are our biggest allies in ensuring the safety and well-being of athletes and artists. In order to help you in this mission we have put together resources specifically designed for parents to help their child athletes optimally fuel themselves, develop confidence in their body and protect themselves from disordered eating behaviours and attitudes.

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One of our major aims at Dare to Fuel Performance is to provide free resources to everyone working with athletes in order to best support an optimal environment for fueling and body confidence in sport and performing arts. Check out our fact sheets that provide quick summaries and tips on important topics related to eating disorders, sports nutrition, body composition and body image. Sign up to our newsletter to get a new fact sheet sent to your inbox each month!

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Our team

​​Alexia de Macar combines a PhD in Sports Nutrition with extensive experience in the field and Jodie Richardson has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is co-founder of the psychotherapy clinic Connecte.

Working together with athletes and performers and consulting with teams and coaches for over 12 years has made them highly qualified to train health and sports professionals and consult with schools and sports organizations around the issue of eating disorders and body image in sport.

"The Dare to Fuel Performance project has me excited and hopeful for athletes and performers around the world. The conversation and awareness around mental health has come a long way not only in the sporting world but also with the general public."
Clara Hughes • Olympic medalist

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